Teacher Branding 101: How teachers can use their expertise for a full- time entrepreneur

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Due to the rise of teacher burnout and the dramatic exodus of teachers from the profession, teacher branding is important for every teacher in every classroom across the world! In this package, teachers will not only understand what is teacher branding but how to create a brand that will allow you to bring joy back in your classroom. One classroom veteran uses this e-book to tell personal stories, insight, and examples, to discuss how she was able to take the frustration from a reduction in force and use it to create an award-winning website for teachers, The Educator's Room. Regardless if you're a new teacher or a veteran teacher near retirement, this book will help you to develop a blueprint for finding joy in the classroom despite the political climate in education.

The Teacher Branding: Ultimate Package will:

  • Teach you the meaning of teacher branding and how it's an integral part of the work you do in the class.
  • Focus your expertise in the classroom, while addressing the dissatisfaction you may be filling. 
  • Provide insight on how to use your expertise to create products that your peers will actually use. 
  • Provide strategies and tips for bringing positivity back into the classroom. 

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