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How to Leave Your Job in Education: A Guide for Teachers to Get Out of the Classroom


"I'm done. It's my time to leave the classroom and figure out another career."

While these aren't words any teacher would want to say, the reality is that thousands of teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates. While many of the teachers leaving know they're ready to go, most times, they don't have a plan on how to transition, let alone secure a job in another profession.

So what do you do? Do you just aimlessly apply for jobs in hopes of someone realizing your brilliance? Or do you take your career in your own hands and plot your next steps?

We opt for doing what we need to do and getting our job.

This 8-week course is designed to help teachers secure their next job using the skills they already possess. Designed to be self-paced, this course offers over 17+ tools (i.e., podcasts, resources, tools, activities, and practical advice)  from former teachers who now enjoy new careers in tech, programming, and other fields.

This course will NOT replace you working 24/7 and applying to the right jobs but will help you gain a leg up.

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Megan R."Thank you for giving me a starting point in my search for another career. I'll use it as I try to use my teaching experience to become a corporate trainer."

Leonard S. "I was skeptical at first- who would want to hire a teacher in another career without going back to school? However, after buying this course and implementing EVERYTHING suggested, I landed a pharmaceutical representative job." 

Kris L. " My time is valuable so when I ordered this course I wanted something fast and concise. I got that. Now it's time for me to get it together."

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Note: No refunds. 

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8 Weeks of content designed for you to transition out of education. From worksheets, sample resumes to more- lets use this summer to get your passion out!

Career Assessment Tools
Resume Mistakes to Avoid
Private Podcasts focused on career transitioning
Optimizing LinkedIn

How to Leave Your Job in Education: A Guide for Teachers to Get Out of the Classroom

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