The Educator's Room Learning Academy

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Do you find yourself up at night trying to "solve" the persistent issues in your classroom or teaching career? Are you up at night googling researching and just haphazardly pulling information to try and make things make sense? Are you frustrated with everything in your life? 

**raises hand**

For the past three years we've been diligent in providing research-based observations from our website, The Educator's Room. However, each day we receive requests for more. So after many focus sessions, we decided to answer your call it's called The Educator's Room Learning Academy

The Educator's Room Learning Academy is a 12-month learning community is structured to help give teachers REAL solutions to REAL problems they face in the classroom. Each month teachers will receive not only quality, peer-reviewed resources, but also strategies to minimize your problems. This one-year program is designed to give you solutions in a structured way so you will not become overwhelmed with so much being given to you at once. 

Every month will have a focus and based on that focus teachers will have members only videos, podcasts, e-books, PDFs, articles, and other resources. While new content is added monthly, members have the ability to print off what they need to make it through the week. 

With each new subscription, you will get the following:

-research-based solutions based on the monthly theme. These solutions will be emailed to all participants on Sunday morning in PDF format.  

-access to printable teaching resources, forms, and templates to save you time for solving your teacher problems

-access to our members-only podcast on Sunday morning for you to access immediately. 

-access to our members-only videos every two weeks pertaining to the monthly focus. 

-access to our members-only Facebook group just for you guys. You will have access to all of the TER writers, where you can ask questions and get even more support. 

**Bonus Materials: e-copies of any new e-book released through The Educator's Room. 

All of this content has the stamp of approval of the teachers who write for The Educator's Room AND we've made sure that we've only included what we know to work in our classrooms. 

Now with all of the work that we've put into this service, it's important for us to ACTUALLY PAY our teachers for their time providing this service. So we wanted to make sure this service is affordable for ANY budget, you have several options to pay: 9.99 per month, 25.99 every quarter, or 99.99 yearly. So that's literally as much as you would pay for your daily cup of coffee.  We've also made sure that once you pay for your year subscription, you NEVER  pay again. 

That's a good deal, right?

The best thing about this service is that you can cancel at ANY TIME. No questions will be asked- we detest contracts. (Note: If you have bought the year membership outright then we will divide the months you've already received and gladly refund you the remaining funds.)

If you're ready to try this service click and join. We will officially start February 1st, 2016. Are you ready? We are! 

Questions about our membership services?

This membership will automatically end after 12 months.
$9.99 a month x 12

The Educator's Room Learning Academy

0 ratings